step cousin - experiments in sound
Experiments In Sound

Step Cousin is (was?) the side project of another metal band called Lordchain, a Missouri based band. Whereas Lordchain was more general metal, Step Cousin’s CD is a feast of classic thrashy, heavy stuff I haven’t heard since, well, let’s just say a long time. ‘Experiments In Sound’ is like mashing together Mortification’s ‘Break The Curse 1990’, Vengeance Rising’s ‘Human Sacrifice’, and Deliverance’s self-titled. Viola. Metal heavy on the thrash, with an equal dose of death vocals and melodic vocals. And here’s something that went out with the recent trend of anti-guitar heroes in metal bands- guitar leads! Oh, am I thankful these are starting to make a comeback! . This CD is a refreshing listen outside the recent glut of “metalcore” and nu metal flavors of the month. The lyrics seem to be directed to critics and nonbelievers, with a strong evangelical bent that doesn’t paint with broad strokes. The low point of the CD is the fact that it’s only half an hour long. Co’Mon! The highlight of the disc is the band’s stellar cover of Vengeance Rising’s “Can’t Get Out”. They don’t write ’em like that any more. Pity. Good thing this CD exists to keep the hope for good metal alive.