disaffection - begin the revolution

Begin The Revolution
Bombworks Records

Back in 2007, Brazilian thrash metal band Disaffection released a 4-song demo entitled Begin The Revolution. It was, without a doubt, a blistering collection of some tasty thrash metal I’ve heard some out of the country that gave us Sepultura. Well, after I discovered the 4-song version of Begin The Revolution, I then discovered that Bombworks Records released a full-length from Disaffection in 2010, also entitled Begin The Revolution, and lo and behold, all four of the songs on the EP were represented here. And with the exception of having different cover art, and several more songs in the mix, nothing much is different.

Anyway, to put it bluntly, Begin The Revolution is an incredible thrash metal release that begs comparisons to modern thrash metal revivalists Gamma Bomb and Municipal Waste. From the aptly titled opening track “Metal Kombat” through to the brief outro “The End Of The Beginning” this full-length of Begin The Revolution is a thrash metal fanatic’s dream. The riffs are blisteringly awesome, the leads are great, the rhythms are heavy, the vocals have a subtle sense of humor amalgamated within; once the final track is over, you’ve left in the loud silence that follows breathing hard with a manic grin on your face and a massive bangover.

It’s a bit of a surprise that Disaffection hasn’t caught on more than they did. We need more good, quality Thrash Metal. In the meantime, do I recommend acquiring a copy of the full-length of Begin The Revolution and cranking it beyond levels your stereo was never made to achieve? Boy howdy. Go do so post-haste.