armageddon holocaust - radioactive zone 245

Radioactive Zone 245
THT Productions

Back when Armageddon Holocaust released Into Total Destruction back in 2000, it was understood that it was going to be a one-off project. Then, a few years later, in 2003, Radioactive Zone 245 appeared while I was surfing the internets, to which I responded, “huh.” I didn’t really rush out and sought to purchase the album, mainly because while I enjoyed the blistering second-wave Black Metal assault of Into Total Destruction, it didn’t necessarily set my metal world ablaze. Also, purchasing digital downloads of albums had yet to become a marketable viability back then. And good luck finding this at a local record shop in Nebraska, U. S. of A. And no, I wasn’t into mail order prices. Now, though, buying a digital download is not only viable, but the preferred method of getting my \,,/METAL\,,/ fix.

Anyway, this second release from Armageddon Holocaust is from my perspective, a better listening experience than the first release. While the first release was a straight forward apocalyptic Black Metal release straight out of the Second Wave, Radioactive Zone 245 seems to have far more depth and substance with the way it’s made. There are strong elements of thrash metal and punk in the metal flavoring, giving us some very good riffs and rhythms, mixing things up with blackened thrash and black-n-roll. Blastbeats and face-melting riffing are not the focus–though the elements remain hither and yon–and the result is a solid full-length that doesn’t get dull three or four songs in. With the exception of the electronic ambient cut “Grave Capsule”, the entire album is a good quality collection of extreme metal that, had I been able to actually sample it at the time, I probably would have shelled out monies to import this Indonesian release. Recommended listening.