forfeit thee untrue - bloodsoaked splinter

Blood Soaked Splinter
Sanctus Gladius Records

There’s an episode of the show Metalocalypse (because of course I would be a fan of that show), where a couple of members of the band Dethclok decide to take a band called Get Thee Hense under their wing because…reasons, only to find out that the members are complete d-bags with delusions of adequacy involving their brand of nu-metal. At one point, the vocalist informs Nathan Explosion that he’s the “singer and the rapper! I do both!”, to which Nathan shoots back with, “A rap-rock band with a DJ? Somebody tell this band what year it is.”

You see, that’s the scene that keeps playing in my head every time I try and listen to this EP by South African band Forfeit Thee untrue. Though, to be fair, I can’t recall hearing a DJ in the mix.

You see, like with another album that I came across by way of the Sanctus Gladius website, I purchased the download on Amazon without listening to the sampling. It was an EP. How bad could it be, really?

If only I had known. If only I took the time to at the very least read their profile blurb on the Fire Stream Music Vault, where it says “FTU is all about being real and forsaking the fake in your life…” Whew, when you lay the fertilizer on that kind of thick, you’re desperate for something to sprout.

The music on Blood Soaked Splinter (which, as an album name, it makes for a way better band name…which is why I initially mistook the band to be called Blood Soaked Splinter, with the album title as Forfeit Thee Untrue) I would classify as Too Overly Busy Trying To Find A Style and Stick With It. Or, to put a finer point on it, I’m going to go ahead and once again make up a genre to better illustrate the description: ADHD-Core. It’s like they didn’t know whether they wanted to be metalcore, rapcore nu-metal, or melodic emo, so they just jammed all three together into each and every song they have on this album. From the very first proper song on the album, “Screaming In Silence”, we start off with what appears at first to be tough-guy Nu-Metal, then it jukes into an admittedly decent sounding metalcore riff, but then grinds the gears into melodo-emo-screamo, and then shifts gears like that at least a few more times. I think I understand what these guys were trying to go for, but what results is such a disjointed mess that I’m getting a headache just thinking about the music, without having to listen to this album again. And believe me, I had to slough through this thing at least a couple of times to really get a feel for what I was going to have to say about it.

The pity is that, the production on Blood Soaked Splinter is really, really good. And there are some interesting ideas here and there; if they would just focus on maybe one aspect at a time, they may actually have something decent. But as it stands, this first offering is just too much of a mess for me to give it many more future listens. Pass.