from withinLions Gate / After Dark Films

From Within was one of the entries in the third After Dark Horrorfest back in 2009. As I continue on in my mission to try and watch every single movie that was released in that series, I had a bit of a stretch between the last one and this one, mainly because of the mediocre nature of a lot of the ones I’ve recently watched. Kind of a “meh” thing going on, in the prospect of watching another one. So, I just popped From Within on, to get it out of the way and to make it one less to have to get through. Fortunately, I did find From Within a bit more than mere “meh” status.

From Within is your standard Weird Things Happen In American Small Town, Local Religious Types Blame Outcast, Wackiness Ensues type of horror flick. In this case, the weird thing that’s happening is a series of bizarre suicides afflicting the townspeople of Grovetown. Seems whoever sees a doppelganger of themselves soon thereafter winds up taking their own life, usually in a rather gruesome manner. One of the local girls, Lindsay, befriends a misfit newbie that her douche-nozzle boyfriend blames for the recent deaths, because he’s the son of the pastor of the town’s First Church of Religious Tropes. The town’s religious fervor is stirred up as the deaths keep happening, the misfit and his cousin are hunted down because of this, there’s a certain book that needs to be destroyed to end the curse (because of course there is), and the whole thing ends in an irony so delicious you’ll be glad you managed to sit through it to get to it.

From Within was admittedly fun to sit through. It had a nifty Southern Gothic appeal to it, with some good atmosphere, and some decent creepy effects. The doppelgangers are rather unnerving. The characters were two-dimensional, which is usually the case in horror movies like this. The acting was passable, with its fair share of scene chewing here and there. Overall, I found From Within entertaining enough to not get bored, or want to check my watch. It would be worth checking out some time.