pylon Homo Homini Lupus

Homo Homini Lupus
Roxx Records

Pylon (apparently pronounced “PEE-Loan”) is a Swedish doom metal band that first unleashed its particular brand of down-tuned, dark and heavy metal back in 2004. Homo Homini Lupus is their 6th full-length release, and is the first one I bought and listened to from them. Why this one?, you ask. Why not start with their first one? Well…while perusing the catalog on Amazon, I noticed there was a cover of Slayer’s “South Of Heaven” on here, with a guest appearance from Stryper bassist Tim Gaines on the song that greatly intrigued me. And since I’m a sucker for amusing irony, that was what motivated me to get this one first.

Having not been familiar with Pylon before, outside of having come across their albums listed on a few review blogs and sites, I didn’t really know what to expect beyond it being “doom metal”. What kind of doom metal, I didn’t really know. And yes, there are different flavors of doom metal. Subtle, but they are there. With Homo Homini Lupus, we get some straight ahead doom metal that’s slow and heavy, with an atmosphere that is thick and dark. This is some good quality doom, produced rather well, and some rather epic cuts. And in case you’re wondering, “South Of Heaven” given the doom treatment works rather well. Overall, this is something you’ll definitely want to turn down the lights, throw on a good set of headphones, crank up and take in the goodness. Now that I’ve heard this, I’m going to have to check out their back catalog. Fans of Place Of Skulls, Candlemass and Pentagram will need to check this one out.