bob can't singWhat’s worse than a Bob Dylan song?  People singing along to a Bob Dylan song.

Never really could understand why Bob Dylan is so popular.  Sure, you can take the whole socio-political message thing.  But the music is just dull, annoying, and quite frankly representative of everything I despise about hippies and the whole 60s myth.

I’ve witnessed many drug-addled neo-hippie minded posers and freaks defend this frizzy-haired golden cow of theirs, to the point of near combative frenzy.  Peace, love, tolerance…but don’t you DARE say anything less than reverential worship about Saint Bob.  Hypocritical double standard be damned.

It doesn’t matter if I just say simply, “I don’t like Bob Dylan.”  They will launch into a tirade, demanding to know why, usually questioning my music tastes and re-evaluating their friendship with me.  All because I don’t like Bob Dylan, and would have the audacity to have an opinion contrary to theirs.  Heaven forbid.

It would make sense that it’s the potheads that enjoy Bob Dylan, though.  I would have to take drugs to make it through an album, let alone more than one song.  And it’s not for lack of trying.  Being a music connoisseur like myself, I gave him a rather fair shot.  Really, I did.  It never gelled with me.