Anatomy Of A Monster
Boot To Head Records

There were a lot of things I regret not getting into at the ground level back in the day. Blaster The Rocketboy happens to be one of them. The underground horror / sci-fi punk band released two albums back in the 1990s on Boot To Head Records – Disasteroid and Succulent Space Food For Teething Vampires – releases that went out of print rather quickly, slipping into legendary status as a result. Of course, I discovered their existence a bit after the fact; post-release of their second album, but a couple of years before they changed their name to Blaster The Rocket Man. I just didn’t have the same connections to the underground as I do now. So I didn’t get a chance to check them out back in the day.

Of course, now these long-lost releases were collected and re-released as part of a two-disc collection entitled The Anatomy Of A Monster. Disc 1 collects the entireties of S.S.F.F.T.V. and Disasteroid (the 1998 re-release, it looks like), both of which were tweaked a bit for better-sounding production, I’m told. I haven’t really heard the original pressings to judge by, really. The version of Disasteroid I had was the 1998 CD re-release, as it was originally a cassette-only release in 1994. Anyway, it’s rather good to finally have both the releases in one shot, as it’s been harder to find a copy of S.S.F.F.T.V. that…well, vampire teeth. Genuine vampire teeth, mind you; not those cheep mold castings you get at those seasonal Halloween outlet shops.

Disc 2 holds the reunion show Blaster The Rocket Man did in 2002 in Indiana, featuring live jams from all three of their studio releases. The sound quality on those live tracks fall within Recorded On External Device, and not a professional setup. It’s a few steps up from Boombox quality, perhaps captured on someone’s smart phone recording or something. It’s kind of tinny, but sounded like a fun show to have been at,with crowd interactions and banter and such. Not necessarily a must-have, but a nifty extra to the overall collection.

As this is a compilation review, I write this under the assumption that you’re familiar with the music of Blaster The Rocketboy/Man. If not, then a quick recap: Think The Dead Kennedys if having been grown in the birth matrix of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. There, I just made your brain make that lovely popping noise. I got my copy my usual method nowadays: I bought the MP3 downloads off of Amazon. I have not regretted this decision yet. I’m told that the physical copy contains a DVD of sorts. But, strictly speaking music-wise, if you’re into manic punk rock with fun horror and sci-fi themes, you owe it to yourself to check out this collection.