Vengeance Rising - Human Sacrifice (Remaster)

Human Sacrifice (Re-Release)
Intense Millennium

Human Sacrifice is a classic within the genre that is Thrash Metal. Since I’ve already reviewed that one quite a while back (and which you can check out here if you happened to have missed it), I won’t bore you all with just how pivotal and awesome this album is. Needless to say, I’ve owned this particular release in pretty much all three formats it was released on since 1988: first on CD (a Medusa label release), cassette and vinyl (both under the original Vengeance moniker, sans Rising). Needless to say, the production was rather raw, and admittedly really needed some polish to make a great thing even more awesome.

In 2010, someone finally got around to getting this and several classic albums that were once released on the Intense Records the digital re-mastering. They’ve been re-released before, but never with any remastering. Or any kind of repackaging, for that matter. Don’t get me started about the KMG re-release misfires, there. The idea behind Intense Millennium was apparently to purchase the rights to remaster and re-release the classics on the legendary (but defunct) Intense Records label. I won’t get into exactly what happened after that, but I will say that for the few albums they managed to get out, they did an outstanding job doing what they promised.

The sound quality on the remastered Human Sacrifice is really, really good, managing to bring up the sonics without sacrificing the raw passion of the metal itself. It sounds thicker, meatier, and definitely brought out the sonic bombast that was hidden in the original mix. Added on with the original album tracks are some live tracks recorded before the album was made, and thus a couple of them are quite a bit different in structure. The last bonus track is a radio interview from that time as well.

The CD booklet is an 8-page job, including song lyrics and classic band photos…as well as a new album cover on one side, with the classic album cover on the other. Personally, I have nothing against the new cover, as it was clearly inspired by the original (if not an exact redux); I prefer the original cover, and consider it much more brutal and \,,/METAL\,,/ than the 2010 cover. Kudos to them for putting both choices on the booklet to display.

Overall, this remastered release of Human Sacrifice was a long time coming. Very good job, here, and if you can find a copy of this, by all means snatch it up.