inner demonsIFC Midnight

Okay, stop me if you’ve heard this one: A film crew follows around and films a documentary-style film about a kid who may or may not be possessed by a demon. Said film crew is skeptical, even when weird things start happening. Wackiness then ensues, but the audience has lost interest from suffering through all the same tropes by that time, rendering the final big cliché ending kind of a wet splat more than a bang.

Welcome to the movie Inner Demons. Though not technically a “found footage” movie, as there was not crawl or text at the beginning stating that the footage was found and then put together like every other found footage movie since The Blair Witch Project has done. Instead, we have the raw footage of a documentary-style television show that is modeled after the A&E show Intervention, setting up and filming the life of a young drug addict named Carson, a former straight-A student who’s been using heroin (smack, dope, mud, horse, junk) since she’s started attending a prestigious Catholic high school. While opposed to the idea at first, she then agrees to be put into a rehab clinic, where the show’s film crew continue to track the process. The thing is, the cleaner Carson gets, the worse she’s actually getting. She’s displaying very erattic behavior, which is not helped by her claim that she was taking the drugs to sedate a demon that has possessed her. And it seems that the security cameras are picking up some weird supernatural shenanigans, but only when she’s alone. The head of the clinic decides to have Carson admitted into psychiatric care, to which the documentary film crew thinks is kind of a bad idea for the ratings of the show. Meanwhile, one of the film crew has taken a shine to Carson, believing her claim that things may be more than they seem…especially after she bites his fingers after she tries to seduce him with those all-black eyes of hers. Carson is expelled from the clinic after Altruistic Camera Boy gives her a dose of heroin () to sedate the alleged demon inside of her; Altruistic Camera Boy discovers that her “friends” at the Catholic school made Carson go through a prank Satanic ritual, which seems to be where she got that there demon, named Molock or something thereabouts (“Mollusk”? The great Demon of Shellfish?)

Overall, Inner Demons wasn’t one of the worst (for lack of a better label) found footage style movie I’ve watched. As a matter of fact, it was rather watchable. Mildly entertaining, if you will. On the good side, the movie doesn’t rely on a bunch of cheep jump scares (though there were a couple I groaned at), and does build up some tension. I think at this point that the whole exorcism angle in modern horror movies have over-saturated the market to the point where hardly anyone is going to be shocked at the big reveal. Or the build-up. Because they kind of go the opposite route of another documentary-style horror flick you may have heard of, called The Last Exorcism, in that they make no big secret that Carson is, in fact, possessed pretty much from the start, mostly by having the camera start acting weird whenever Carson’s little spirit hitch-hiker exerts itself. Usually that means that you’re using Radio Shack brand video tape. Anyway, while the first two-thirds of the movie was decent, the last part devolves into your typical ho-hum slasher ending, with some jarringly unconvincing CGI effects.

All together, Inner Demons gets a solid “meh.” The first part was relatively fun to watch unfurl, the actors were above average (which is good for this kind of movie), but it’s nothing you’ve never seen before. As a matter of fact, I would wager this is exactly something you’ve seen before. Only it didn’t suck as bad as I would have thought. One watch and I’m done.