saint - broad is the gate

Broad Is The Gate
Armor Records

Broad Is The Gate is the eleventh full-length album (8th, if you don’t count Warriors Of The Son 2004, The Revelation and Crime Scene Earth 2.0 because they’re technically re-recordings), and the third Saint album released that didn’t features long-time vocalist Josh Kramer. This one features replacement Brian Phyll Miller, who was introduced on the previous album handling the vocals on the title track “Desperate Night”.

Broad Is The Gate is your standard Saint album–that is to say, straight-forward Heavy Metal that is a bombast of thick, heavy hook-laden riffs, sweet solos, with chunky and solid rhythms that hit like a bulldozer full-tilt. You know, a Saint record. Musically, there are some variations on the playing that kees things from stagnating (especially like the darker vibe on “Never Same”), but for the most part, the METAL is recognizably Saint. And that is a very good thing. As for the vocals, I think they complement the music nicely. Brian doesn’t sound like Joey, but again he’s not trying to sound like him; he doesn’t have to. His vocals have a higher register, and this adds an unique texture to the sound.

Overall, Broad Is The Gate is another solid and satisfying METAL album from a long-time favorite that shows no sign of slowing down, despite changing some parts of the lineup. I look forward to more releases with the new vocalist in the future. Until then, check this album out and crank the sucker.