demon hunter - storm the gates of hell

Storm The Gates Of Hell
Solid State

Demon Hunter’s fourth studio release showcases the band further refining their unique style of alternative metal, something that was evident with the previous. The music is a very infectious blend of the brutal and hauntingly melodic, managing to find the balance between the two without making a mess of things.

It’s with this release that I realize the band has done something that very, very few bands can do: appeal to both my sense of brutality as well as my sense of brooding contemplation. Yeah yeah, I know that sounds all sorts of pretentious, but after the double-fisted \,,/METAL-HORN\,,/ salute that is the opening title track salvo, then the lead-in to the earnest worship howl of “Lead Us Home”, you should get the general idea of why this band features so heavily in my playlist, despite initially having my doubts at first. The entirety of the album is a steady stream of this, managing to forge some rather personable sounding songs without getting too cheesy, as some bands in the metalcore category are want to do.

Storm The Gates Of Hell stands as a really good follow-up to their previous releases, and is a good, solid listen. Check it out.