BEDEIAH - blood metal

Blood Metal
Sullen Records

Bedeiah is a one-man black metal projected based in Phoenix, Arizona, that looks to have a couple of full-length releases and one EP under the metaphorical belt so far. I first came across them by way of a track featured on a Sullen / Open Grave Records sampler CD that was part of a Frost Like Ashes mail order I got years ago. That track was the title track “Blood Metal” from this particular release. It wasn’t until recently, though, as I was going through my music vault that I decided to look into getting more than just the one track for OCD purposes. And since I was able to find the Blood Metal release on Amazon Digital Music, I opted for that one.

Blood Metal is the second full-length release from Bedeiah. From the reviews I’ve been able to check out, this one is apparently of a better quality than the previous full-length release. I don’t know myself, as I do not have that particular release. What I can tell you, after a few listens, is that the type of METAL represented here is Black Metal, of the harsh, grim and dark variety. The style goes for more of an ambient feel, rather than melody, and is very raw in the recording production. However, it’s not murky as a lot of these recordings that go for the raw atmospheric aesthetic, and all the instrumentation comes out, from the grinding of the guitars, to the blast beats of the drums, to icy sound of the keyboards, to the harsh other-worldly shrieks of the vocals. There’s a bit of variety thrown in to keep things getting too stale, but overall it’s a pretty standard harsh atmospheric black metal release. Worth checking out.