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raise your sword to the power of metalIs there an unwritten rule that says that Christian music played before the actual service begins has to be of the emo-drenched acoustic variety? Maybe playing music to put you to sleep with helps to make the worship band seem exciting by contrast. Like having a local band open up for the national touring band. Or something. Point is, listening to this gives the unintentional impression that Christians have been de-nutted, that once you give your life to the risen Savior, you must now listen to and play sominex-style troubadours. Probably why I enjoy metal so much. Metal is the music of awesome, the perfect style befitting my warrior soul. When storming the darkness on a daily basis, I’d rather have Horde’s Hellig Usvart or Frost Like Ashes’ Tophet blaring as the soundtrack, rather than wuss music. Then again, that’s just my opinion. Not a very popular one, I realize, but again…bite me…