It’s October 1st, which means it’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! No, not Christmas. Christmas is the Most Depressing Time of the Year. It’s HALLOWEEN, baby! It’s the time I am truly happy, with the fall and the cold and the spooky things coming out to play. Which also means, it’s that time once again to commence with the annual countdown to Halloween that I do. Welcome to:

HALLOWEEN'ING 2015The entire month where I post stuff pertaining to my favorite holiday of the year, and I’ve got a bunch of Halloween-themed wackiness lined up for this here bligity-blog of mine for your viewing displeasure. So, let’s kick off Day 1 by playing the official Holiday Opener, ironically taken from a Christmas movie:

Here’s to the next 30 days of Halloween Seasonal wackiness, my wonderful freaks.