HALLOWEEN'ING 2015Between the two animated prime time shows that Mike Judge produced in the 1990s, I preferred King Of The Hill over Beavis & Butthead. This was mainly due to the way that King Of The Hill was a comedy that didn’t try to be a comedy; it was very much a lot like Seinfeld, only set in Texas and animated. And without a laugh track. A show about nothing that was just darned funny without trying to be funny.

And one of my Top Five favorite King Of The Hill episodes is “Hilloween”. Originally aired on October 26, 1997 during the second season run, the story involves a local church-going member of the community zealously seeking to cancel Halloween all together, due to fears of the kids being initiated into worshiping the devil. Of course, Hank disagrees with this, looking at the holiday as merely harmless fun. Caught in the middle is is son Bobby, who just want to do the right thing, as everything culminates to a confrontation that’s both inspiring in its hilarity.

I wish that I could say that the character of Junie Harper and the lengths she jumps to try and eradicate Halloween was an exaggeration, but…yeah, I’m afraid she’s spot-on, from my own personal experiences, right down to blaming accidentally running over her cat to Satanists. The confrontation at the end is priceless: Junie dressed as an angel and Hank dressed as a devil, shooting back and forth with, “You’ll go to hell!” “There’ll be candy!” “Hell!” “Candy!”

“Hilloween” is a great Halloween-themed episode, one that if you haven’t seen it, you owe it to yourself to do so. I even included it for your watching pleasure. You’re welcome.