HALLOWEEN'ING 2015NobbiesHalloweenLogo-500You may (or may not) be familiar with a nifty party supply mail order catalog from Oriental Trading Company. Their catalogs feature a bevy of standard as well as seasonal novelties and such, filled with party favors of all sorts. If you’ve never checked it out, here’s the website. But, this isn’t about Oriental Trading Company. This is about its outlet store: Nobbies.

Located here in Omaha, Nebraska, this place is a virtual one-stop party and novelty shop that’s roughly the size of a standard big-box department store. And as you can probably imagine, the only time I hit the place is when Halloween rolls around.

Going into this place during the Halloween season for me is like a kid going into Willy Wonka’s factory, only without the whimsical nightmare fuel and child murder. I recently went there to scope out some costume ideas for this year’s foray into striking terror into the hearts of the young, and got some pics of the fantastic stuff that they feature there (you know, without just pilfering from the website):

[click to embiggen]

IMG_20150926_143915490 IMG_20150926_142901585 IMG_20150926_142807742 IMG_20150926_142757104 IMG_20150926_142609918 IMG_20150926_142653784 IMG_20150926_142716199 IMG_20150926_142720407_HDR IMG_20150926_142726652If you’re in the Omaha area, check out the place some time. It’s not only costumes and decorations; they’ve also got a wide array of professional-grade makeup and F/X tools to really take things to another level. If you’re nowhere near enough for even a road trip, check out the website.

And in case you’re wondering: Yep, I splurged a bit on my trip. It was well worth it. Especially for the liter of stage blood. You can’t have too much stage blood handy, you know.