halloween iii

Listen, I know what you’re probably thinking: “Why not feature the original Halloween movie?” And, you’re right, it would make more sense to feature the very first in what became a long line of slasher movies. But, when was the last time you knew me to follow logic in a linear way?

Besides, the reason why I’m spotlighting the second sequel in the original series, rather than the original 1978 John Carpenter classic that kick-started everyone’s fear of anyone in a modified William Shatner mask, is because Halloween III: Season Of The Witch was the first sequel to try and get things back to the original vision John Carpenter had for the Halloween franchise to begin with: that of a series of different anthology-type movies set on the night of Halloween. Well, that’s the story bandied about, anyway. The director of this particular installment certainly wanted this to continue in that direction, so it had no ties with the previous two movies, featuring a stand-alone story that worked as a kind of proto-Amazing Stories episode…or, at least a Night Gallery episode.

The story of Halloween III involves a novelty manufacturer called Silver Shamrock producing masks that, through a combination of science and ancient Gaelic magicks, will violently kill the wearers of said masks while watching the Halloween special produced by the company that will trigger the deaths; it’s up to Dr. Dan Challis and his daughter to investigate the wackiness and try to stop this from happening.

As a stand-alone movie, Halloween III is fairly entertaining. It’s a bit different than your standard horror flick, as it has some sci-fi elements thrown into the supernatural stew. It’s a great movie for Halloween night, for certain. Just try and not think about Mikey, and you’ll be fine. Maybe.