monster mash I think there’s some kind of official rule now, written down and notarized, that the Bobby “Boris” Pickett novelty song “Monster Mash” is legally required to be included in all Halloween party music mixes. Go ahead: Pick up any Halloween Music Mix compilation that comes out during the season, and nine times out of ten, “Monster Mash” is on there. And if it’s not on there, you know there’s someone out there wondering why “Monster Mash” wasn’t included.

Look, I understand that playing “Monster Mash” during Halloween is the seasonal equivalent of playing “Silent Night” during Christmas. It’s expected. You may even enjoy singing along to it at first. But, like all of those other Christmas songs, “Monster Mash” tends to get old after hearing it played ad nausium. But, it’s a mainstay, and thus inclusion on this Halloween countdown of mine.