angel life of the partyMuch like the show it spun off from, Angel was another series that could be considered an Every-Day-Is-Halloween type of show, featuring the usual lineup of spooks and monsters on a weekly basis: Vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, lawyers, etc. etc. Oddly enough, though, during its five season run, the show only had one Halloween-centric episode to speak of: “Life Of The Party”.

The fifth episode of Angel’s final (and arguably best) season, “Life Of The Party” finds lovable resident Lorne is trying his darnedest to organize a Halloween blow-out at Wolfram & Hart, for both public relations issues and the morale of the staff. It’s been lagging a bit since Angel took over. Eventually, everyone reluctantly comes around to attending the party, with Angel going so far as inviting a powerful demon lord named Archduke Sebassis for the festivities. The party itself doesn’t go as planned at first, but due to an adverse reaction to going without sleep for several months, Lorne manages to make this particular party a very memorable one.

“Life Of The Party” is pretty much in my Top Five list of favorite Halloween Television Episodes, as it works on so many levels with the humor, the horror and the general character interaction, along with some of the best Halloween party decorations I drool over. Do yourself a favor and check it out.