deadpit radio logo Back in 2006, I bought my first MP3 player. It was a chincy RCA Lyra, with an adorable 128MB flash memory, but also had an external memory slot for SD cards. Are you done snickering yet? We need to go on with the blog article. Since I was now taking my first steps in music listening in the 21st Century, I hit the interwebs on the computer at the Radio Shack I worked at at the time (again with the snickering? People, please) and did a search for podcasts that specialized in the one word I typed in the Google search: Horror. The first one that popped up was…something else, but after listening to that one and discovering that it was half an hour of empty wanking, I decided to check out the second choice on the list before abandoning the idea altogether. That choice was Deadpit Radio.

Unlike the other podcasts I’ve come across since, Deadpit Radio has stayed a steady fixture in my podcast feed through the years, simply due to the strong “By Fans, For The Fans” ethic. It’s just a couple of guys going by the names of The Creepy Kentuckian and Uncle Bill (and recently, once in a while, some guy named The B-Plan) giving their unvarnished thoughts on all things horror-related…and a bunch of other interests that may fall out of the horror realm, but just as interesting to hear them talk about.

I was fortunate to discover this show early on, where I was able to listen to every one of them, featuring some rather interesting interviews with various names in the horror business. I’ve seen the show evolve over the years, but the one constant that has kept me coming back is the feeling of sitting at a bar and listening to friends geek out about horror, instead of just feeling like I’m listening to a processed show. They’ve got all of their past episodes archived and available for listening on their new site, for those of you who have missed out the first time. I recommend the interviews with John Carpenter and the late, great Bob Clark, as well as their various Year-In-Horror retrospectives and the May Of The Dead series.