Whether you’re decorating for a Haunted attraction, a Halloween party, or just merely ambiance to get the right mood for the season, spider webs are a must. Nothing says “spooky and decrepit” quite like having a few corners and maybe a bunch of objects covered in these wispy strands. And to achieve that authentic touch, there are three main ways to go about it:
spider-web 1
What better than the actual critters that produce these things to get that uber-realistic spider web look? Of course, it may take quite a bit of time to build up to the genuine look you’re going for, and not everybody can stand not cleaning for extended periods of time…or can tolerate spiders for that matter. This is for the truly hardcore Halloween-as-a-lifestyle types, like myself. For the majority of you who only take on spider webs in a seasonal way, there’s…
spider-web 2
This type is the standard you can get in every party decoration store, department store and seasonal Halloween shops that pop up every year. These are relatively cheep packs of cotton that you stretch out into spider web-like shapes to drape around your house for a quick yet effective look. Good for that last-minute touch. But, for those who want a more realistic look where price is not really a concern, there’s…
spider-web 3
For a small fortune, you can get the Webcaster, advertised as a professional grade F/X spiderweb making device, that consists of what looks like a pumped-up glue gun that uses an air compressor and meltable plastic sticks that it uses to blow strands that achieve a look of actual spider webbing. The effect, as the pictures here indicate, are fantastic. This is for the serious Halloween decorator, who wants realism but doesn’t want to put up with spiders. And doesn’t mind spending upwards of $100 for the whole shebang.

Spider webs…they’re a must for the season.