creature feature Since the advent of broadcast television, one concept that never seems to die out completely is the regional Creature Feature. The concept was simple and brilliant: Every week, usually late at night, a classic cult horror and/or sci-fi movie would be shown, usually hosted by a character on a horror/sci-fi dressed set to give things a fun spooky feel. The most famous of these Creature Feature hosts would be, hands down, Elvira. Probably followed by Joel (and later Mike), Tom Servo and Crow from Mystery Science Theater 3000, which put a fun twist to the usual settings.

Here in my current place of dwelling–Omaha, Nebraska, in case you haven’t been paying attention–we had our own home-grown Creature Feature, hosted by Dr. San Guinary. From 1971 thru to 1983, the good Doctor hosted the show on KMTV Channel 3. I, unfortunately, was too young to partake of the show when it was on the air. And five years after the cancellation, the original Dr. San Guinary died from health complications. But, his spirit lived on. After an ill-advised revival attempt by someone who called himself “Son of San Guinary”, the official revival of the show didn’t arrive until 2011 in the form of live movie viewings, many of which I attended personally. This lead into the return of the television show, this time being a one-hour format featuring locally produced horror shorts along with the comedy bits that made the original a regional favorite.

If you’re reading this from a place that has its own regional Creature Feature show, I urge you to support this. If you don’t, just do what I do: Throw on some classic campy horror / sci-fi flick, and be your own creepy host.