blinkYep, I’m a Doctor Who fan. Have been long before the new series started up back in 2005. You can read about it here. If you’re wondering what Doctor Who has to do with Halloween, you clearly have never seen the episode “Blink”. And you are certainly missing out for that.

Originally broadcasting in 2007, “Blink” is the episode of Doctor Who that introduced the Weeping Angels, and managed to add on something to my List of Things I’m Irrationally Creeped Out By: Statues. Not just those weeping angels, but all human-like statues. Go ahead, laugh; you watch this episode, and see if you can still turn your back on these things in public. Especially when you’re alone with one. Go on, I dare you.

Do you necessarily have to be a Doctor Who fan to watch “Blink”? No, not really. It helps, yes, but “Blink” will appeal more to fans of all things creepy and effectively scary. It takes a lot to freak me out, and this episode does it. Go ahead, watch it. Just remember to bring along a change of pants. Trust me.