ghostbusters when halloween was forever Another Ghostbusters entry?, you may be asking yourself. And my answer would be a swift “SILENCE!” You can never get too much of the Ghostbusters. Especially the official cartoon spin-off, The Real Ghostbusters, which took the awesomeness of the movie to a whole new level. Again, this was a series that had a “Halloween Every Day” vibe to it (obviously), but there were specific Halloween-centric episodes produced during its five-year run.

“When Halloween Was Forever” was the first Halloween themed episode of The Real Ghostbusters, ran during the first season in 1986. In this episode, the so-called spirit of Halloween–Samhain–is released from his prison after centuries of confinement, and looks to do something rather ambitious after all this time: making Halloween last forever by stopping time! Of course, the Ghostbusters may have something to say about that happening, and wackiness doth ensue.

The thing that made The Real Ghostbusters stand out from the other cartoons at the time was, aside from being based on one of the most uber-popular movies of all time, it also featured some great animation and equally great writing. This episode featured future Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski on the script, but all that pales to the fact that this episode is a fun Halloween romp that was pretty extreme for a kid’s show. Even today, the episode holds up. I’ve found it on YouTube, so check it out, if you dare.