mystery manor Nowadays, mostly due to my age and growing jadedness (despite my annual giddiness at this time of year), I don’t frequent the haunted house attractions like I used to. But, one that I’ve went to more than just once, one that also ranks as my favorite one to go to whenever I get the itch to go to a haunted house in Omaha, would be the Mystery Manor off of 18th and Cuming streets.

Set up inside an actual historical building that has a history even more creepy as the staged scares that you’ll come across, this is one that has continually impressed me with the all-out atmosphere and setup that goes well beyond just tossing around some store-bought effects and props. The volunteers really get into this, to the point where it’s not just the inside of the house where you’ll get to partake in the scares.

As to the documented claims that the house itself is actually haunted…eh, I’ll leave that up to the readers to decide for themselves. As to being a Haunted House attraction, I would recommend a visit.