grave forsaken - plugged into the system

Plugged Into The System
Grave Forsaken Records

Grave Forsaken is a band that I am very much familiar with. I’ve often referred to them as “Mortification Lite”, what with their tendency to make me double-check the album cover to make sure I hadn’t popped in Hammer Of God or Blood World by mistake. They’ve always had that guilty pleasure vibe to them in my metal listening; sure, you could argue they have cheesy lyrics, but what metal band doesn’t? The music has been of higher quality heavy metal that always gets the job done.

*sigh* And then I popped in Plugged Into The System, and I realized a break in the streak.

Plugged Into The System is Grave Forsaken’s more recent releases, which is baffling considering the quality of this release is rather low. More apologetic types refer to the quality as “raw”. I refer to it as “sub-standard”. Once you get past the album art that looks like a water colour painting done by a high school student inspired by Petra album cover from the 1980s, you get an EP of music that has a production quality of muddy, distorted metal with a very audible tape hiss, like this was recorded and mixed together on a boom box.

One thing I noticed was that this was listed as released on Grave Forsaken Records, and not Rowe or Soundmass as before. I don’t know if this is one of those independently-released collection of demos that bands tend to do once in a while, or if they seriously want to start releasing their material on their own like this. If doing so means sacrificing quality, then I would have to object to this idea. Mind you, this is rampant speculation on my part, so we’ll see if and when their next release comes out. In the meantime, Plugged Into The System is for hardcore collectors and fans only, and not something to pick up as an introduction to the band. Pass.