stryper - fallen

Frontier Records

Being the long-time Stryper fan that I am, I can admit that anything they released after their 1986 classic release To Hell With The Devil would fail to hit the power of that album. Some would come close, but for the most part nothing after would get the same amount of replay value as does THWTD. As a matter of fact, I even skipped over checking out 2013’s No More Hell To Pay because of this “meh” factor I’ve run into.

Until now, that is.

I don’t know what it was that urged me to pick up a copy of Stryper’s recent release, Fallen, the day it became available via Amazon’s digital music download. I heard others claiming this release was Stryper’s finest one yet, a worthy successor to the post-THWTD saga. Of course, I ignored the hype anyway…I mean, that was said about past releases. So, popping this into the media player and pressing play, I sat back and…

…was immediately slammed back into my seat by the utter power that sprung forth from the speakers during the opening track “Yahweh”. And after listening to this a couple of times, yeah, I will have to concede that Fallen may finally be the worthy successor to THWTD Stryper had in them. Better late than never, right?

Those riffs. Oh, those very thick and meaty riffs we have going here. Heavy, powerful, and not your usual hard rock hair metal riffs. The songs at times verges on power metal, that’s how heavy this is. And for Stryper, this is a darker album that what you would probably be used to from the formerly black-and-yellow spandex clad troubadours. I think it’s a good thing, really.

Overall, save for the one obligatory ballad that trips up the flow a bit, Fallen is a very solid release full of heaviness that will make you all tingly. There’s a good variety in the song writing, as well as a decent cover of Black Sabbath’s “After Forever”, that puts this up in the area of the first three Stryper releases as far as re-listens go. Is Stryper back in form? No. They’re better. They’ve aged well. Highly recommended.