nyves - anxiety

Spartan Records

For fans of either Demon Hunter or Project 86 (or both), NYVES is a project between Demon Hunter vocalist Ryan Clark and ex-Project 86 guitarist Randy Torres that is decidedly nothing whatsoever like the two’s respective bands. Instead of the pummelling modern metal assault of Demon Hunter, or the alternative metal approach of Project 86, we have here a collection of dark electronic music that’s drenched in melancholy and emotion, more for sitting in the darkness and contemplating…whatever it is you would contemplate in the dark. I could tell you what I would contemplate in the dark with this album playing in the background, but that would leave you screaming for a few hours, trust me.

I first came about discovering the existence of this release by way of the Neverwas Podcast, which featured a two-part interview with Ryan Clark, and played a few cuts from the Anxiety release. I liked what I heard, and thus hit Amazon Digital Music for a purchase and download of the album. Sure, there were some great-looking vinyl formats of the album available, but unfortunately I’d have no place to store them without beginning to look like the subject episode of the show Horders.

I once described the music on Anxiety to be like the more downbeat, melodic songs of Demon Hunter as interpreted through Depeche Mode, and you have a decent beginning idea of what the music is like. This is dark electronic music that’s best listened to in the dark, through a higher quality set of headphones, rather than cranked on your car stereo. Though, there have been more than once where I had this cranked through my stereo, driving home in the dead of night, my window open and the lights of the city creating a nice visual ambiance that melded with the music.

What I’m trying to say is, Anxiety is a really good album. This is coming from someone who doesn’t necessarily listen to straight up EBM all that often. It hasn’t transformed me into a fanatic of the genre, mind you, but it’s a solid listen to throw on some nights for something different to decompress to. Here’s hoping that this isn’t just a one-off project, and the guys are planning to keep it up with NYVES for the future.