Rowe Productions

After four studio albums and one live album, long-time Mortificaiton guitarist Michael Carlisle called it a day, and went off to forge his own METAL path by forming the band Cybergrind in 1995. Handling the guitars and vocals, with an additional guy handling bass, they released one album in 2000 through Rowe Productions in the ten years he went under the Cybergrind moniker.

First off, with a name like Cybergrind, one would think that this may be some industrial-infused death metal or grindcore, not unlike fellow Ausies Screams Of Chaos. But, no…no it’s not. Instead, as an album, Transcend is a collection of thrash-based death metal that is…adequate. It’s crunchy, there are some decent riffs in there, and there are some rather good moments, but…there’s just something about this disc that doesn’t seem to push it over the edge for me. “Adequate” is a good word to use, methinks, as there’s really nothing much here to make it really more than just another death metal record. It’s not a badly made album; it’s just not enough to keep me coming back for frequent listens in the future, I’m afraid.