the gate IIColumbia TriStar Home Video

“Who needs chicks when we got demons?”

The little-known sequel to the B-movie cult classic The Gate, we see Terry is living with his alcoholic father, his best friend having moved with his family after the events of the first movie (presumably for better movie rolls), and his life just a depressing rut. Turns out, though, he’s done a bit of boning up on the whole occult thing beyond just reciting heavy metal lyrics, and is bent on taking another crack at summoning one of the diminutive lil’ demons for the express purpose of granting him the wish of turning his father’s life around. And it’s gonna work this time, because he’s got the one-two punch of black magick AND the high-tech wizardry of COMPUTERS! And laser light shows. Of course, his summoning is interrupted by a couple of Breakfast Club rejects who end up shooting the one wittle itty, bitty totes adorbs minion of darkness that manages through to our realm of reality. Terry takes the thing home, where it just bounces back from death, and starts to grant everyone’s wishes…which turn to literal crap in what…under 12 hours, I’m thinking? It’s about as easily calculated as the gestation time between facehugger and chest-burster. Anyway, the lil’ demon thing (which I’m henceforth naming “Omar the Adorable”) manages to escape, bites the two comedy relief bullies, which turns them into vessels for the more big-bad demons from the other realm, kidnap Terry and his lady friend, turn Terry into another vessel for the third big-bad to sacrifice his lady friend to reopen the portal for WORLD DOMINATION!!!, but they are defeated by a music box of light and goodness. The end.

All things considered, The Gate II: Trespassers could have easily been just a rehash of the original film…but it wasn’t. It may not have been a freshly original movie, but it managed to be just as entertaining as the first one while forging its own story involving playing with the minions of darkness. Sure, there’s very little heavy metal involved than from the first one (though you could catch glimpses of the posters in Terry’s room, so he’s still rockin’ the music of awesome), but overall I’d say Gate II was as surprisingly entertaining as the first one. Check it out, if you can find it.