deathgasmDark Sky Films

Imagine, if you will, director Peter Jackson deciding to go back to his wacky horror days, and deciding to do a mash-up of the 1986 Metalsploitation cult classic Trick Or Treat and Sam Raimi’s legendary Evil Dead 2. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Deathgasm.

After his mother is institutionalized after a meth bender, young metalhead Brodie is now living with his Aunt and Uncle, who are both fundamentalist Christian types, with a cousin who is a relentless bully douche-nozzle. After meeting fellow metalhead Zakk, they form a band with a couple of mates called Deathgasm. After stumbling upon an ancient piece of music, they accidentally on purpose unleash a powerful demon who begins killing and possessing everyone in the town. It’s now up to them to stop not only the demon but also his worshipers with the power of \,,/METAL\,,/…and various power tools. Wackiness ensues.

Deathgasm was another movie that I discovered existed by way of an announcement on the Metal Sucks website. The moment I read the synopsis, along with the fact that writer / director Jason Lei Howden was a fellow \,,/METALHEAD\,,/, Deathgasm was immediately put on my I MUST WATCH THIS NOW!!!! list. Unfortunately, at the time it was still going through the usual film fest rounds, with nary an indication as to when it would ever be picked up for distribution beyond its New Zealand shores. And while it’s not slated to get released in DVD until the beginning of 2016, it’s on streaming now, so yeah, I got to check it out finally. And here’s your Uncle NecRo’s assessment:

I swear by Rob Halford’s spiked leather thong that Deathgasm is bloody AWESOME. Like with two other favorites of mine that mix the genres of metal and horror with a twisted sense of humor–Metalocalypse and Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil–Deathgasm takes the tropes and stereotypes of horror and metalheads and fashions them into a highly entertaining over-the-top gorefest that should please fans of both metal and supernatural horror-sploitation.

While it’s definitely not the perfect marriage of horror and metal going (personally, I think the afore-mentioned Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil managed far better), watching Deathgasm was a fun romp that was much-needed. There needs to be more of these. Advising to check this one out post-haste.