living sacrifice - the ghost thief

The Ghost Thief
Solid State Records

With the release of The Ghost Thief in 2013, having been three years since the release of The Infinite Order, it’s rather apparent that there has been no loss of sonic bombast and musicianship with the band. With every Living Sacrifice album since discovering them back in 1993 (with the Nonexistent release), it’s been rather interesting watching the band’s sound evolve into something different with each successive release. The Ghost Thief continues with this mutation of sound, and it’s something to behold.

Beginning with the complex bombast of opening track “Screwtape”, which features guest vocals from Demon Hunter’s Ryan Clark (who has named Living Sacrifice as a massive influence), you get an inkling that the music on The Ghost Thief takes what was done on The Infinite Order and expands upon it, greatly improving and (one could argue) surpassing the quality of \,,/METAL\,,/ contained therein.

The best way to describe the overall sound and feel of this album? Take the extreme death metal you’ve come to expect from this highly underrated band, throw in some thrash elements and a strong groove undertone, along with some shredding guitar work that conjurers up that of At The Gates and In Flames, and craft each song to have a unique quality to keep the entire album from bleeding together and loosing cohesion, and you’ll get the idea of what kind of awesome The Ghost Thief is.

I’ve heard it said that Living Sacrifice is the greatest metal band that no one’s ever heard of. I would, unfortunately, agree with this sentiment. There’s the underground, and then there’s the underground of the underground, and it always seems that LS dwells in that area. Fortunately, there’s those like myself who keep the word of this legendary band alive; and also as fortunate, they seem to just get better with age. The Ghost Thief is proof of this. Highly recommended.