scaterd-few - jawboneofanass


The second full-length studio release from the legendary (and infamous, some would say) band scaterd few came as a result of the aftermath caused by their debut album Sin Disease, as well as some of the controversial press the band received. They had come off of being released from the FMG-owned Alarma Records due to this controversy, and as a result the music is a bit darker. Perhaps even cynical, depending on how you would define it. It’s interesting to note that, despite the controversy, producer, Daniel Amos alumni and Godfather of the modern Christian alternative music scenes was involved with the band’s first two attempts to record this follow-up; first for Taylor’s own Vox Vinyl, then for Blonde Vinyl.

Jawboneofanass was finally recorded a third time and released independently in 1994, a time when the Christian music scene was in the midst of a paradigm shift towards the type of alternative music. And the music on Jawboneofanass is quite reflective of the time, though one could argue that the music scene was finally catching up to scaterd few.

Like Sin Disease, the music on Jawboneofanass is diverse and distinctively unique, refusing to fit comfortably in any one category in the spectrum. It’s dark, it’s offbeat, it’s weird, it definitely encompasses the word “alternative” when describing the music.

Comparatively speaking, I’m going to have to say that I do like Jawboneofanass a bit more than Sin Disease. As to the reason why, I couldn’t really put my finger upon it, other than resorting to use the word “mature” for lack of a better one. Maybe it was the struggle to get this thing created and put out was the catalyst to a better album? I don’t know. I’m really not that smart. I just know what I like, despite not knowing how to describe why at times. And I rather like Jawboneofanass. It’s available for download on Amazon; if you happen across the two-in-one CD that KMG released that smooshed together Sin Disease and Jawboneofanass, minus a few songs for the run time, pass it by and get the full album.