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I have to admit, Final Girl was not the kind of movie I was expecting. From the description from the Family Video website, I was expecting more of a general Most Dangerous Game type scenario: A bunch of rich socialite boys hunt and kill unsuspecting girls for sport in a local wood. Instead, Final Girl turned out to be more like The Most Dangerous Game, if the hunters were unwittingly going after the girl from the movie Hanna.

That reminds me: I need to review Hanna some time. Anyway…

We begin with a young girl being interviewed by that creepy neighbor kid from American Beauty, asking questions about her dead parents and, from the kid’s answers, reveals she’s something of a sociopath. This leads to her being trained throughout her life as something that can kill you several ways, and look really adorable doing it. After growing into a young lady, instead of going to her prom, she’s taken to assassinate a group of boys whose hobby is to lure unsuspecting girls into the woods, dressed in their finest tuxes and gowns, and hunts them for sport. And when they decide to let her in on the festivities…well, to say that things don’t go as they planned is an understatement of the year.

As a movie, Final Girl was fairly decent, given its La Femme Nikita styling to the age old Most Dangerous Game story. It’s a fairly taunt thriller with very effective cinematography and ambiance. Character wise, it does leave more questions as to back story or motivations; it’s really this lack of fleshing things out that hinders much of the movie. Otherwise, Final Girl wasn’t a bad movie, it was really another “meh” movie. Worth checking out, but really not more than once, it seems.