army of love - army of love

Army Of Love
Squadrun Records

I gotta tell you, there is hardly any information what so ever available on the band Army Of Love. I found maybe two blogs that only listed the cover for this album, and the track listing, and one Facebook tribute page called Army Of Love Forever which goes into a bit more detail…like, listing the original band members and such, instead of any real good info on the history of the band. Otherwise, doing a Google search on Army Of Love with Christian Band brings up the song of the same name by a Canadian pop group. Just use Army Of Love, and some entity called “Kerli” takes over the entire page. With just a couple of suggestions for the dance band Army Of Lovers thrown in for confusion. Anyway…

Also from what I could gather, this self-titled six-song EP only had a vinyl release. I’m not sure if there was a cassette release; again, what I could find online was slim and next-to-nothing as far as that information goes. The music on here, though, can be put under the Early 80s Alternative file, alongside the likes of the Alter Boys and early Undercover. The album starts off with a decently straight-forward guitar-driven garage rock song with “King Of All”, which isn’t too bad; but then it’s followed up by two rather mellow sounding ska songs by way of “Yaweh” and “Kingdom Rockin’”, the later of which features actual horns. Gads, I despise ska. Then, there’s the jangle pop of “Exodus”, followed by a kind of psychedelic tinged “Vinedresser” that was decent enough. However, it was the final song in the bunch- “It’s Friday”- that caught my attention. Up until this point, I wasn’t really all that impressed. Then, suddenly the band hits it with a rather interesting Clash sounding song, with a rhythm and style reminiscent of “Rock The Casbah” going on. Had the entire EP been like this, the outcome of this review would have been much more favorable, but alas it only amounts to one interesting song at the tail end of a bunch of “meh”. The thin production doesn’t help things out, either. I’m going to have to give this one the ol’ “One-And-Done” treatment, and shuffle it off to the Vault of Forgotten Muziks, here.