soul hunter - scanning horizons

Scanning Horizons

Another in a growing list of metal bands who hail from the country of Brazil, Soul Hunter is a heavy power metal band that really does put the “power” into the style. Although, with the album art up there, you could be forgiven for initially thinking this was going to be another bunch of prog metal wankery. No, fortunately, Scanning Horizons is anything but that; as a matter of fact, it’s power metal. And no, it’s not the kind of power metal that wants to be a bunch of Yngwie Malmsteen riffs and high-pitched falsetto vocals singing about dragons and various other fantasy stuff.

What we got with Scanning Horizons is an example of power metal that remains firmly within the Heavy Metal part of the genre, hitting us hard with some very heavy and faster style rhythms and riffs that hook you under the skin and yank you around, leaving you bloody and begging for more of the same, sir. That’s not to say that there isn’t any blistering solo work; oh, it’s there, all right. It’s just not the over-dominant factor in the music that’s pummeling you into a happy bit of hamburger meat from this album. The vocals are clean, but they’re not the operatic falsetto that typtifies much of the Power Metal genre. They’re more complementary than anything; though, there are times where it sounds like the vocalist wants to hit the high notes, and certainly there are times where doing so would have really pushed things over the edge nicely, but methinks that kind of range was unobtainable.

Really, Soul Hunter’s style of power metal is more Manowar than Malmsteen. Or, if you want more of a Christian comparison, then let’s go with Sacred Warrior if they decided to actually get really, really heavy. Overall, fantastic slab of eight heavy power metal tracks (the first track being an 11-minute intro) is what Scanning Horizons is. No ballads, no fluffiness, just melt thy face off awesome.