1-7 - Music Review: WORLDVIEW - The Chosen Few

The Chosen Few
M24 Music

There are others that are better at explaining the history behind this particular band and its origins than I can. Sufficed to say, from what I can glean from the various places on the interwebs, Worldview seems to be a collaboration between former Recon guitarist George Ochoa and Sacred Warrior vocalist Rey Perra (and some other guys, natch) that came about because of the tragic passing of mutual friend and Sacred Warrior keyboardist Rick Macias; it was a way to honor their friend, as he always tried to encourage a musical collaboration between the two of them. The album that was produced from this union–The Chosen Few–was apparently going to be the title of the long-promised Recon record that never came about. Wacky.

Anyway, The Chosen Few was one of the releases I was actually anticipating when I heard about it months before the official release. All reports and pre-release reviews were rather favorable, so when it became available for general purchase on Amazon (download, in case you’re wondering, ’cause that’s how I roll), I was able to hear for myself what this was like. I have to admit, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but I was still pleased with the result in any case.

The music on The Chosen Few, rather than being the full-on power metal that one would expect, is actually a more melodic heavy metal style reminiscent of Sacred Warrior and Kamelot. It’s a very well-produced and multi-layered heavy metal album that seems to dig its hooks into you and takes hold to the end of the album. There are heavy dollops of progressive and power metal mixed into this tasty broth, with guest touches by members of Stryper, Vengeance Rising/Die Happy, Bloodgood and Deliverance throwing in their own seasoning. Everything is well-played, tightly produced and gels together in a way that keeps me popping this in more often than I usually do when it comes to power metal.

Overall, The Chosen Few is a very good album, a very solid album that is well worth the listen. Check it out.