1-11 - Music Review: DEUTERONOMIUM - The Amen

The Amen
Maanalainen Levykauppa

The Amen is Finnish death n’ roll metalers Deuteronomium’s 5th full-length studio release, and one that shows the band getting better and better with each successive release that they put out. With The Amen, they may have a contender with a near-perfect modern death metal album, as this is one that I’m having some trouble taking out of my media player. There’s enough variety of \,,/METAL\,,/ featured on this album that it never seems to get too old or stale, and that is a major plus when it comes to longevity of any kind of Death Metal listening.

Most of the songs on the album pummel you with some great, driving groove with great riffs and death metal vocals and a mid-paced attack, much like Amon Amarth. That’s not to say they don’t throw in a bit of variety in the playing; the title track “The Amen” has a doomish pace and riff that gets comparisons to Antestor, “Hymn Of A Lost” is just a straight ahead brutal death metal peice, and “The Place Of A Skull” is more of a blackened death style. The production is really good and the musicianship is very tightly done.

Overall, The Amen comes highly recommended as it’s a fantastic and well-layered death metal album.