1-18 - Music Review: MISERATION - Tragedy Has Spoken

Tragedy Has Spoken
Lifeforce Records

The third release from Swedish death metal group Miseration, Tragedy Has Spoken, continues on in the tradition of bringing forth the solid, quality technical death metal that we all crave, deep down inside the bowels of our souls.

You pop in Tragedy Has Spoken and press play, and immediately your face is sand-blasted off with a heavy, brutal and furious attack of tight, methodological goodness that includes some very technical riffs and solos, very solid rhythmic blastbeats, and straight-up death vocals with none of those emo-clean vocals to be found to ruin this tasty stew. There’s a bit of folk instrumentation in the background for distinct flavoring; “Hill Of The Poison Tree” is a brief, near-grindcore style, and the ending song “Waylayer” is more mid-paced and dark.

Overall, Tragedy Has Spoken is a fine technical death metal release. I recommend checking it out.