1-19 - Music Review: SOTERION - Cult Of Lies

Cult Of Lies

In my research into the band Soterion, it seems that there were two Xian bands that went by that name, both of which hail from the country of South America: one from Brazil, and one from Chile. This particular Soterion that we’re focusing on with this review is the one that hails from Chile.

On the surface, I can understand how surprising it would seem to hear about a black metal band from the country of Chile. But, really, it’s not all that surprising, considering all the kinds of metal that has spawned from South America since Sepultura burst out of Brazil back in the day. In the Xian Metal scene, the land seems to be quite futile, as I’ve come across more black metal bands from the country than you can really imagine.

This particular Soterion, was active in the mid-Aughts, and released this one EP – Cult Of Lies – before disappearing into the ether. Five tracks, though technically four of them are actual songs. The first song helpfully informs you of that by having the word “Intro” in the title. “Intro (Tod in den ewigen Tiefen)” is your spooky and atmospheric haunted house fodder, with the sound of wind howling with organ keys playing, while the intermittent scream is heard in the distance. There’s three minutes of this, so it’s not like you’re getting short changed on length. We then kick into the EP proper, with the blistering second-wave style of Black Metal that is the main feature on this, by way of the cut “War Of Rising Darkness”. This is, indeed, the style pioneered from Norway: harsh, chaotic, with chilling atmosphere and even more chilling shriek vocals. For the next 25 minutes, this is what is peeling your face off with a frozen cheese grater. Once in a while, there’s a straight keyboard and/or non-fuzz tone guitar bridge to ease up a bit on the experience, like on the title track “Cult Of Lies” and “To Reign Immortal”, but then it’s back to the chilling ferocity.

Overall, Cult Of Lies is old school second-wave Black Metal–blistering guitars and blastbeats, chilling shriek vocals, and keyboards for atmosphere, all with very raw production that may or may not have been deliberate. Nothing more, nothing less. But, for a lot of us extreme metal addicts, sometimes that’s all we need. And this is a rare dose of the stuff. Nothing fans of Black Metal haven’t heard before, but worth checking out if you happen across a copy.