1-20 - Music Review: THY WILL BE DONE - Was And Is To Come

Was And Is To Come
Stillborn Records / Caroline Records

Thy Will Be Done is a Providence, Rhode Island band that plays a type of metal that is just bloody infectious. It’s a kind of death metal with a groove to it, that flirts with the whole “deathcore” genre, but manages to not fall within that particular rut.

Was And Is To Come, their first full length release, is one of the heaviest and infectious slabs of modern death metal I’ve heard recently. Yeah, I admit to having been a bit late in the game, considering my limitations back in 2007, when this came out. But now, having finally gotten around to discovering this gem, I have to say that listening to this gives me the warm tingles that signify having a very, very good \,,/METAL\,,/ experience.

No, this isn’t pure, old school death metal. This has a heavy groove to it, like with Pantera or Lamb Of God, and there are some deathcore influences, like with In Flames and At The Gates, but the execution of which brings forth something that’s a bit more unquantifiable, like with DevilDriver’s style of modern death metal. Whatever label you want to slap onto this, all I know is I really, really like this, and I repent of only buying the one album. Time to go rectify this.