1-22 - Music Review: DISTARNISH - ...And I Died For You

…And I Died For You

Distarnish was a Brazilian band that was together from 2001 through 2009, and released only one seven-track EP in 2003. Which is kind of a bummer, as after listening to the EP–…And I Died For You–I was kind of hoping for more output to search for.

The main reason is that the metal contained in …And I Died For You is some old fashioned thrash-based death metal, the likes of which is comparable to early Death, Break The Curse-era Mortification, and Deracination. The production is a bit less than studio quality, but compared to a lot of independent recordings I’ve heard, this is still decent quality. The drums are a bit thin at times, but overall it’s very good thrashy death metal with a raw edge and a bite.

The first track is a 40-second instrumental intro, followed by six actual full songs. There are some good thrash and death riffs going on here; they mainly are in the thrash/death style, save for the final track, “…And I Died For You”, which is more doom flavored. On both “A Touch From The Heaven” and “…And I Died For You”, there’s something of a Big Disembodied Voice doing spoken word things at the end of the songs; otherwise, the vocals utilized are straight-up death growls.

Overall, while …And I Died For You lacks a bit of depth in the production area, it is still a good, decent EP of thrash-based death metal, and showed some promise. What could have developed, had they released more. We’ll never know. If you run into this one, though, check it out for some good, old-fashioned death metal goodness.