1-26 - Music Review: TRINO - 666 Corporation

666 Corporation
Alerta Records

666 Corporation is Brazilian death metal group Trino’s third full-length release, and just to get to the matter of things, boy HOWDY is it near solid sab of death metal with more than a bit of hardcore attitude that shall assault your earhole senses with the subtlety of a sand blaster. I say “near solid” on account of three different brief interludes, each labeled “Intro”. Well, the first “intro” would be an actual inter, I guess, as it’s the first track, and consists of straight Gregorian Chant. Which is an awesome way to start a Death Metal album, by the way. No, I’m not being sarcastic, there. The other two are a Disembodied Voiceover of DOOM over a bed of apocalyptic ambiance, with the one that shows up right before the very last track is a scratchy shortwave radio broadcast.

All of that aside, there are still eleven tracks of extreme death metal goodness, featuring some intensely raw blastbeats and grinding guitars, with the standard growl vocals, with a handful of tracks including some blackened vocals for effect. There’s a nice groove to the track “Do Crucifixo ao Prostí­bulo”, and “Fratricí­dio” does flirt a bit with hardcore, but overall 666 Corporation is an intense and satisfying death metal listen that shall please the brutal grinder in all of us.