1-29 - Music Review: DROTTNAR - Anamorphosis EP

Anamorphosis EP
Momentum Scandinavia

Drottnar, just to recap things, began as a straight black metal band in the mid-90s, released a couple of demos that were both re-released together on an anthology CD in 2000, and then in 2003, after a bit of a personnel change, released this EP, Anamorphosis. There are three songs, plus an intro, which kind of works as an indication of what direction Drottnar was moving towards with their future release; which is to say, a more technical black metal style.

The EP opens with the intro “Morphosis”, which is a rather dark and twisted-sounding one, with some Gothic landscapes, a violin and OMINOUS DISEMBODIED VOICE, setting the tone nicely. This is followed by “The Individual Complex”, which is a nice dark black metal piece that starts off mid-paced, but then turns into a blistering cold blast. “Sin Complex” begins with violins, then launches into the black metal, while the ending track “Concord” is a straight-ahead blistering track with some nice touches added in.

Seeing as how Welterwerk was released three years after this one, I would wager that Anamorphosis was more of an experimental venture rather than a mere taste of things to come. As its own entity, it’s not too bad, has a nice dark underpinning, but with its 20 minute running time doesn’t really go too far with exploring the possibilities with the new Black Metal sound they were trying for. Still, decent little slice of black metal.