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My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy
Warner Bros.

My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy is an EP that Disciple released in 1997, their second one after What Was I Thinking?. This was my first initial exposure to the band, as the title track “My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy” was included on one of the HM Magazine CD Samplers that came with the publication back in the day. I was impressed with the cut, as it seemed to have a nice heavy, Southern-fried hard metal vibe, harkening back to a time before the alternative flood of the 1990s drowned out heavy awesomeness for a while. Some time after that, I picked up the EP at a now long-defunct Christian bookstore in one of the “malls” in Omaha that is now technically a glorified flea market adjacent to a Sears and a Target, with a Barnes & Noble like a bulgy cancerous growth from the side. I digress.

All together, there are five songs on My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy, with a nice diverse soundscape per song. It leads in with the title track, which is heavy, with a groove and hook that snags you immediately. Sure, the lyrics are what you would call “cheesy”, but they’re kinda fun, really. The next song, “Pharisee”, is a doomy, slow-paced, one would say “grunge” piece that’s heavy on the low end. Kind of Alice In Chains-ish, really. Pretty good. “Fill My Shoes” does get a bit heavy at times, but is more or less a mournful Grunge ballad, not too bad but not heavy in case you were looking for that. “Fall On Me” is a nice heavy rock track with a groove hook and a nice guitar riff. The final track, “Easter Bunny”, is really the one that sheds a preview of what was to come with the follow-up This Might Sting A Little; it’s a slamming hard rock bit with a heavy groove that gets under your skin.

Overall, I would say My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy is, for the most part, a nice EP of Alice In Chains-inspired hard and heavy rock, with some flirtation with the Southern-fried metal that was to come after this one. They didn’t last on the Warner label beyond this release, for some reason, which may have been for the better really. There are also two cover versions, the first one being the one where the band members seem to be aping a popular Nirvana band pic, which was the version I initially bought back in 1999. The other one…eh, not really enthusiastic about that. I had to buy a download that featured that particular cover, so I re-tagged the files with the original cover. But, that’s besides the point. With the whole 90s nostalgia beginning to heat up, it’s worth a look-see.