2-2 - Music Review: DISCIPLE - Disciple


Here we are, at what I can now pinpoint as the moment when Disciple went from heavy hard rock and metal band that flirted a bit with Nu Metal, to a full-on generic sounding modern hard rock band that barely sounds distinguishable from other bands like Skillet or Red and everything else being played on the radio.

At this point, Disciple had been together and making albums for over ten years. And while, like I said earlier, they did flirt a bit with the whole “Nu Metal” style, especially on By God and Back Again, at least they still retained their personality. Here on the self-titled Disciple, however, they’re stripped of even that dignity.

Look, I’m not trying to say that Disciple in and of itself is a bad album; it can be heavy when it wants to be heavy, and there are some decent guitar hooks to be found, not to mention the production is very well-polished. But, the music doesn’t seem to have the same passion, the aggression and raw power as before. What is left is what I like to call Feels Trip Fodder, where the music is structured in a way to manipulate a certain feeling from you one way or another. And if that’s your thing, that’s fine.

Disciple, after a few listens, still hasn’t stuck with me after shutting off the media player. Yeah, I read and heard the reports when this was released that this was the bestest album they have ever put out (at least, until they released others after this). I disagree, but that’s neither here nor there.