2-3 - Music Review: DISCIPLE - Scars Remain

Scars Remain

Disciple’s second release on INO Records, and sixth full-length overall, and here I’m beginning to suspect some kind of conspiracy by the record label to make the band sound like every other modern rock/nu metal band that’s on the radio. Rampant speculation, mind you, but I do find it a bit more than a mere coincidence that they would begin to sound like this right when they sign on to a major-ish label distributed by a major conglomerate (Sony). But, I digress.

Scars Remain begins with “Regime Change”, which is a heavy and melodic Nu Metal tune, kind of emo-ish, but not too bad. “Love Hate (On And On)” is a good hard rock tune, as is “Drive” and “Fight For Love”. Mostly, the songs on Scars Remain are fairly decent, going from the Nu Metal flirtations (“Game On” kinda sounds like an older Kid Rock song, decent riff though) and anthemic heavier songs with a heavy emo leaning. There seems to be only two BALLAD ALERTs to be aware of: “After The World” and “Purpose To The Melody”, which closes out the album proper. Again, with ending the album on a ballad. What is with that? Anyway, I didn’t really feel the need to get the Special Edition of this album, which features the track “Things Left Unsaid”, and then four acoustic versions of songs from the album. I’m fine with the standard version of Scars Remain, thank you.

Overall, yet again we have kind of a mixed bag that I’m up in the air about. When it’s heavy, it’s heavy, but somehow doesn’t really feel like a genuine Disciple record. It doesn’t help that the songs don’t really stick with me, which seems to be an ongoing issue with these later-day Disciple albums.