2-4 - Music Review: DISCIPLE - Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality

Okay, so, after a couple of albums that were seeped in what we’ll just refer to as “Hot Topic Modern Hard Rock”, Disciple releases Southern Hospitality, and I’ll be jiggered if they haven’t released something that hearkens back to the high-octane driving hard rock that retains the modern gloss, but somehow this actually enhances the sound.

We start off with the straight-forward hard rockin’ title track, “Southern Hospitality”, which sets the tone nicely for the three heavy rockers that follow: “Romance Me”, “321” and “Whisper So Loud”. For the most part, this does lean heavily to the hard n’ heavy stuff, with songs “Phoenix Rising” (which is mid-paced and heavy), “Liar” (which begins with that EBM intro that seems to be the style du jour for the majority of modern rock radio bands, but then makes up for it with being a heavy-heavy-heavy tune with a good guitar hook), “Falling Star” and “On My Way Down” being the ones that will shake your insides gleefully. There are four ballads to watch out for: “Lay My Burdens” is really a bluesy, Aerosmith-style ballad that actually is pretty good. “Whatever Reason”, “Right There” and the song that caps off the album, “Savior”, are all sappy Feels Trip Ballad Alerts that should be listened to only at the risk of upchucking your lunch. Or whatever meal you just ate prior to listening to this album.

Pleasantly pleased with listening to Southern Hospitality. I realize that we’ll probably never get another album like This Might Sting A Little, but it’s nice to hear that the guys can really give us some good old fashioned Southern hard rock and metal when they want to. If you really, really liked The Showdown’s Temptation Come My Way, I urge you to check out some Southern Hospitality.