2-5 - Movie Review: DARK REELLionsgate Home Entertainment

Murder, mystery and mayhem as B movie fan, Adam Waltz, wins Walk on Role in a film Featuring Scream Queen, Cassie Blue. Thinking his luck had changed for the better he steps into chaos with a killer loose and no one on the production safe. Adams role gets bigger with the murder of an actress, studio chief’s low-budget thriller becomes big with the new publicity… Everyone is a suspect. Who is the killer? Why are they doing this? and who is next?

So, what do you get when you try and make a horror movie that’s part slasher and part supernatural mystery, peppering things with a tasty cast of genre familiars Lance Henriksen, Edward Ferlong, Tiffany Shepis, Tony Todd and Mercedes McNab and a tongue-in-cheek script? Either one of the more fun horror movies to hit DVD, or one of the more disjointed and messy horror movies to hit DVD. Fortunately, Dark Reel falls closer to the former than the later.

Dark Reel is a very well crafted independent horror flick that is a tongue-in-cheek slasher that features some chuckle-worthy black comedy along with some creative kills and makeup effects. The actors seemed to be having some fun with the roles, with Hendriksen being probably the hammiest of them all. Admittedly, the story itself isn’t anything new, but it’s the more enjoyable ones. And it’s good to see they didn’t go for the more obvious Horror Movie Plagued By Horror and went with a Pirate Movie being filmed instead.

Overall, Dark Reel is worth a watch some time. If anything, it’ll give you an idea of what Edward Ferlong has been up to recently. It’s kind of adorable, really.